Frequently asked Questions

Simple answers to your most common questions

If you have forgot your email address, you can contact our support team and we will look into that.
If you have forgotten your password, just tap on “Forgot Passord” on the Home Screen where you login. The other page will ask you to put in Phone Number or Email Address . Choose any one of the option, and tap “Send Password”. We’ ll send you a new password via Email or Phone number. If you still face any trouble, you can contact our support team for any assistance, we will be happy to help you.
If you are getting that message, chances are that you already have an account with us or that number is already registered with some account. If you still face any trouble, you can contact our support team for any assistance, we will be happy to help you
You can update your registered any information using Profile Settings section in the app.
Yes! You can but push notifications will sent to the device on which you have recently logged in! But data is synced without any issues and all devices will show same data as of your account
If you have a registered account, you won’t be losing any of your points reinstalling the app. If after reinstalling, you aren’t already signed into your account, just login back. If you forgot your login email address, email us and we will check it out for you. If you have forgotten your password reset your password using “Forgot Password” button.
The heart icon on product page and store age is a “Like” button, which enables you to like the product/store. And the item will be saved to your favorites. If the store has added points for liking the product/store, you will get points for that too.

Just swipe the menu on left and you will see My Favorites option in that. Tap on it and you will see all the Stores/Products you have favourited.

You can Unlike the product/store by opening the store or product screen and hit the Heart icon again. The item will be removed from your Favorites.

You can change your profile picture anytime by going to your Profile Settings. Just tap on the existing photo or Update Photo button. You can upload via Camera or Photo Gallery.

Scan the QR Code outside any Zingura associated store to get check-in points.  Different stores have different cap on check-ins like once an hour, once a day, once a month, once a year. You get points accordingly.

Our associated stores love rewarding their customers for checking into the stores. Zingura points for various actions however vary from store to store. It is a feature controlled by the merchant and not us. Some stores offer high number of points for check-ins to attract more customers. Some stores offer more points on some other action. Perform all actions to earn maximum Zings.

Whenevr you have entered a store, you will see some products that were featured in the app, once you have find the product in the store and just tap the Scan Code on the top right of the app and your Phone Camera will be activated and you are ready to scan the QR Code, Once it processed the scan you will quickly get the points.

On Discover Screen, in Products Tab, you will see all the featured products listed, when you go to a single product, tap on Points Tab, where you can see whether that product has Scan Points or not? You can even see how many points that offer.

We don’t commit/guarantee that featured products will be available at every location. Sometimes items are not available as they are already sold or out of stock. Most of the associated stores have enough scan points available so you can still get points by scanning other products

This happens when you have not entered into the store or havent’ checked in to the store. All actions on a particular store get enabled only after check-in. You must scan the QR code outside the store first.

It might be the because you scanning the item in a wrong store, Check your checked in store first.

If you are getting an error 'No location found' make sure your device’s location settings/GPS is enabled.

To enable location services in Android

  • Go to Settings  and Tap “Location & Security” or “Location”
  • Enable Wireless networks, GPS Services and Google Location Services

To enable location services in iPhone

  • Go to Phone Settings
  • Tap  on “Privacy”
  • Tap on “Location Services” and toggle “Location Services”