About Us

Zingura is a Cross Retailer Loyalty Program, where we cater to help stores, retailers, businesses to get more and retain existing customers with complete loyalty program solution and simultaneously, we give consumers the opportunity to earn rewards points for each action they do in each store they visit.  Our complete solution, gives merchants the opportunity to have a complete analysis of what is happening in the store, and establish a strong merchant customer business relationship.


Acquiring & Retaining a customer is what we think is important for any business. Whether it is a small business or  big retailer. To attract more customer and retain them for future business, loyalty programs will be a great option for the business.

We are providing a complete cross retailer rewards solution that enables you to start a loyalty program for your customers in minutes. The system provides all the basic and advanced features  for you to run your loyalty customers.


These days any person won’t love carrying multiple loyalty cards in their wallet! If they have loyalty cards, they are not able to track them. We are here to provide you a Cross Retailer Loyalty Program, where you can earn rewards by each action you do in your favorite stores. You get points for just entering the store too. Yes! you heard it right. You are able to search nearest stores, restaurants, saloons which offer such loyalty points, you can find what’s new in the stores and how many points do they offer for the actions. Collect the points and redeem with great offers/deals. You will be able to track all the transactions, points in the app itself. Now,  you don’t need any to carry with all the existing Loyalty Cards you have.