Increase your Customer Base with Zingura

Zingura understands the need of any brand to keep its customers happy so that they become loyal customers. Zingura helps merchants connect better with their consumers, reward them for their actions and thus helps the brands in repeat business.

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What do we offer?

A complete reward or loyalty points based solution to merchants to market their brand better to digital consumers.

Quick Setup

With Zingura, you can setup a loyalty program at your store within minutes. Register with us, upload your KYC Documents and leave the rest to us.

No Hardware/POS required

Yes! Zingura doesn’t require setup of any extra hardware like POS at your store unlike other payback systems. All you need to have is a Mobile or Laptop and Internet.

On the Go

You can add Products, Offers, Zings for your store from anywhere through your mobile itself. You can also request us to do the same as you’re on the go.

Management System

Zigura provides you a complete store management system that is user friendly and easy to use. You can add/edit/delete products and offers, view and manage customers, their actions and rewards you wish to provide them

Complete Analytics

As customers engage with your brand, Zingura provides you a complete insight into the analytics of this engagement. Complete reports of user check-ins, selfies, transactions, purchases, offers analysis, reviews and other statistics.

Improve your ROI

Zingura helps you reach maximum consumers in minimum cost. Our platform provides you unique ways of marketing your brand and products to your potential customers.

Our Clients

Any business or merchant can use our system. Some of the places where Zingura can be installed for are:




Gym & Fitness

Grocery Stores

Book Stores


and many more..

So, what are you waiting for? Get zingura setup at your store right now.

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